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Playa de Barbate
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Santa Lucia, with nearly 200 inhabitants, bases its economy on agriculture although is developing a market in tourism thanks to its natural location and its proximity to historic towns and beautiful beaches. Its vegetation is made up of typical Mediterranean trees, bushes and indigenous plants. In Santa Lucia's small market gardens you will find fruit trees (quince, pomegranate, nispero and oranges). This abundant vegetation shelters a large quantity of wildlife. From the higher points of the village you can enjoy amazing panoramic views out to the sea. All this is accompanied by peace and tranquillity where you can fully absorb the atmosphere.

We cannot forget our splendid Roman aqueduct whose waters supply the market gardens and water to the area. Close to this aqueduct you will find 7 water mills dating from the 16 th Century that were used to grind flour. Now all that remains are pieces of stone. This water was used at the start of the 20 th century by the Count of Villariezo, heir of the Duckes of Medina Sidonia, when he installed a small central hydroelectric and was able to supple electricity to this area sooner than to that of the capital of the province, Cadiz.

We can advice on various itineraries from the village on foot, bicycle or horse in order to appreciate the exceptional areas closeby.

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Acueducto de Santa Lucía


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